Power Within Meditation Album

Power Within Meditation Album


This is my first guided meditation album. Included in this album are 4 meditations that will unlock the true power within yourself featuring original music at the frequency of 432Hz with binaural beats to promote healing.

Meditation #1: 5-Minute Morning Meditation to Start your Day with Clarity  ($7 Value):

This is the perfect meditation to start your day. It will put your goals in perspective and give you better focus.

Meditation #2: 5-Minute Meditation to Discover Your Identity ($7 Value): 

This breakthrough meditation will help you uncover your true identity and those you are meant to serve. 

Meditation #3: 5-Minute Meditation to Trust in Your Network for Growth ($7 Value):

This unique meditation unleashes the idea of 'doing it all yourself', so you can build trust in the divine and a team to reach your goals while creating a tribe. 

BONUS: 5-Minute Abundance Meditation to Stop Searching Outside of YOU to Reach Your Money Goals ($7 Value):

This abundance meditation breaks through hidden blocks that are sabotaging your steps to success to help you unlock your secret sauce to achieving abundance.


Due to the digital and instant nature of this template, all sales are final and not refundable, however I want you to be super happy! So if you have trouble, let’s work together.

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