So, you're ready to get started?

I'm SO excited for you!


Getting started with your doTERRA essential oils is super simple.  Just follow the 3 steps below, and within minutes you'll have started the journey that's forever going to change your life.



Choose Your Kit

Family Essentials Kit


$150 US / $185 Canadian

A mini version of the most popular kit. Includes the Top 10 Essential Oils in 5mL.

Home Essentials Kit


$275 US / $330 Canadian

The most popular starter kit! Includes the Top 10 Essential Oils in 15mL + diffuser.

Natural Solutions Kit


$550 US / $600 Canadian

When you want to start a brand new holistic lifestyle in all areas of health.


Purchase Your Kit

Follow the steps below in order to get your first kit.

*Depending on your country, there might be some additional options than the steps below.

Step 1: Buy Your Kit. Click the link above to purchase your starter kit.

Step 2: Add any additional oils or products you would like to try.

Step 3: Contact me at or using the form below to get your free goodies! I’m so excited to work with you as you transition into an essential oil and wellness lifestyle.

Step 4: **Optional**: You have the option of setting up a LRP order immediately after purchase. This is not required, but is the best way of continuing to purchase your ever-growing wish list of other oils and wellness products. This can be set up or deleted at any time with no cancellation fees, and is like Air Miles on steroids. I can help you set this up after you get your oils, so don't worry if you skip this step for now.

Girl -- you’re about to do the oil dance!


Start Using Your Oils

After you’ve placed your order, I'll get an email notification, and you’ll begin getting oil support within 24 hours. These are some extra bonuses (for my clients only) that you'll receive to get to know how to use your beautiful oils and wellness products:

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.57.39 AM.png
  1. A goodie-bag of oil starting supplies from me via snail mail. Yes, this is coming right from me to you! It will be full of all the ‘must-haves’ to get started using your oils including an “A-Z Guide” to take the guesswork out of using your oils.

  2. Private access to our exclusive and supportive community, The Oils Life, and a FAQ community that covers everything from how to use your oils, make your own roller balls and sprays, and all the details about how to make the most of your new doTERRA membership.

  3. An invitation to spend 30 minutes with me customizing your daily health plan using the oils and other wellness products you purchased. You get customized advice from an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with 5+ years experience of working with coaching clients.

Can't wait to work with you!