You're Gluten Free, too?

I chose to go to college at Penn State University, where there are over 500,000 living alumni with whom to network.  However, it still surprises me (and really excites me) when I meet another Penn Stater.  Even though the university was so big, it felt like a small community full of team spirit. After starting my gluten free diet, I've noticed that I get the same feeling of excitement when I meet someone else who lives a gluten free lifestyle.  I feel like we already know a very important part of each others lives and that instantly connects us.

When I'm out at a restaurant that features a gluten free menu and the table beside me also requests one, I can almost never stop myself from reaching out to say hello or offer a recommendation for my favorite item on the menu.  When I'm in the gluten free aisle at the grocery store, I tend to introduce myself to the others (or at least give a quick hello).  I'm not sure what it is about finding out others are gluten free that makes me feel so instantly connected to the other person.  Perhaps it's the common knowledge of not having to explain 'what is gluten free?' or being thankful that the other person has either been diagnosed with Celiacs or a gluten sensitivity as opposed to being one of the many who remain undiagnosed.

What about you - do you find yourself striking up a conversation with others that are gluten free simply because of your shared diet?

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