Vote Now to See Gluten Free in the Super Bowl!

The short version of this post...Please help my friend and founder of Strictly Gluten Free win an ad in the 2014 Super Bowl.  Vote here: Strictly Gluten Free

For the long version, I'd love to share a little about Steve's journey to starting Strictly Gluten Free.  Here's a quick interview I had with him:

Jenna: Can you share with me why you opened Strictly Gluten Free?

Steve: The concept of Strictly Gluten Free began very soon after Angela was diagnosed with Celiac disease in April 2008.  My wife Angela became the inspiration behind what Strictly Gluten Free is today.  Ever since that point of diagnosis we both collaborated ideas on what it would be like to start our own business.  Once we finally discussed making our dreams a reality and that we should pursue opening a business our Gluten Free journey began.

We conducted a year and a half market research ourselves in ensuring the Gluten Free industry was a viable marketplace and determined there was a tremendous void in the market catering to those who must adhere to a strict Gluten Free Lifestyle.  We now had a unique opportunity in turning a life altering event in our own lives to be able to align our passions with truly having the ability in positively affecting the lives of the communities we serve.

We have sacrificed and put much effort in creating an environment that not only is conducive to the Gluten Free Lifestyle but further educating and developing awareness. We are proud of all we have accomplished thus far and are excited to continue our Gluten Free journey.

Jenna: What is your favorite gluten free product that you carry at Strictly Gluten Free?

Steve: Well I wouldn't say I have a favorite specific product per say but would have two particular brands Kinnikinnick, O'Doughs & Against the Grain which I believe in with the quality of their products and what their brands represent.  One of our most exciting aspects of this industry is that we have the ability to form really great relationships not only with their company representatives but with the owners of the company.  All the above mentioned company's we have formed really unique relationships which align with our core values in maintaining the highest ethical standards while truly concerned with our customers well being.  We feel that these brands represent that and not just market themselves as such as others may position themselves in this industry.

Jenna: Finally, the question we're all wondering...what would it mean for you to have an ad in the Super Bowl?!

Steve: It goes without saying that this is a tremendous opportunity to not just have the ability to have our brand recognized in a commercial during the SuperBowl but we would honored to be representing the Gluten Free community as a whole.  This would allow for us to expand our passion and efforts to fast tracking the ability to open Strictly Gluten Free stores regionally throughout the country.  While this would be a platform to further educate and build awareness at the most grandiose scale never before seen in the Gluten Free Community.

This is our main goal to at some point throughout our growth as a company to open stores in select cities throughout the US.  We are looking to bring this concept and vision and with the recognition we would receive with having a SuperBowl commercial we would have the ability to impact that many more people who currently maintain a Gluten Free Lifestyle or will be transitioning to one unbeknownst to them in the future.

It's our lifestyle and we will help make it yours!

Voting for the 2nd Round of this Super Bowl Ad contest concludes onOctober 13th with then a Round of 20 will be selected.   Finals will be held in December and one business will receive a Super Bowl memory that will last a lifetime.

This is very exciting on many levels as they have an opportunity to present and build greater awareness on Celiac Disease and gluten free living.

Here is the link for the contest,

Go vote now (it takes less than 10 seconds)!