Puppy Training & Gluten Free Dog Treats

There's been a new addition to the family - a husky puppy!  Say hello to Meeka:

Husky Puppy

After much debate we named her Meeka which is an inuit name that means friend.  She has the most fun personality - always wanting to snuggle and be playful.  It's hard to walk 10 feet in the house because she's right next to you!

Growing up my family always had a dog, so I got to help train several before learning to train Meeka.  I definitely learned all the hard work that my parents put into making our dogs great listeners and teaching them how to follow commands when my siblings and I weren't there!  Luckily Meeka is a very treat-oriented learner, so we're already house-broken and 'sitting' on command.

Being gluten free, we searched for yummy gluten free dog treats, so I didn't have to limit myself when playing with her and helping her learn how to sit, stay, lay down, etc.  We found the Grain Free Buddy Biscuits that are also gluten free and corn free.

So far we've only tested the Slow Roasted Beef Flavor, but I have a feeling she'll love the other flavors, too. They are available in Rotissere Chicken, Homestyle Peanut Butter and Smooth Aged Cheddar flavors (Amazon.com, $6.95).

Gluten Free Dog Treats

These little treats are adorable and shaped like the gingerbread man:

Gluten Free Dog Treats

Check out our adorable puppy, sitting and waiting ever so patiently for her gluten free treat:

Gluten Free Dog Treats


Do you feed your pets gluten free? Share with us in the comments below!