Please Send Amber a Card of Encourgagement!

I just received this message from Jackie Russo of Pennsylvania's Perfect Pageant system. 

A dear friend of her, Christina, gave her this message. Her niece Amber is 13 years old. She has been fighting a severe brain disease for the past 12 years. Amber has been life flighted 110 times and has been in 17 commas. She is coming to the end of the road. There is nothing more they can do for her. They are now saying that she probably won't make it until next Christmas. One of her favorite things is getting mail. Christina and Ambers mother are trying to spread the word to see how many cards or letters Amber can get from different states and countries.. To read more about her please visit name code damo56..

Please if you have just a moment in your day...send her a card of encouragement. And the little time it took you to read this email you could in return send this letter to everyone you know. Her address is Amber Dougherty, 2766 Bald Eagle Pike, Tyrone, Pa., 16686.

If this were your child or family member I'm sure you would encourage this as much as you were able. I do not personally know Amber but i think that every ounce of encouragement and happiness we can bring to Amber will help her with the time she has left on this earth.
Please pass this along. Thank you.

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