Office Birthday Parties

It’s always exciting when a fellow colleague has a birthday.  The whole office gets to come together and sing a lovely version of “Happy Birthday” and there is typically a dessert or other treat involved.

That’s where the festivities become a little uncomfortable.  More often than not, the treat of choice is either gluten-filled cake or cupcakes.

There are a few ways to handle the situation if you’re feeling uncomfortable at these office celebrations. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Politely Decline This is the easiest option. No matter if your colleagues know you’re declining because of your dietary needs or they simply think you may be watching your weight. Go ahead and say no.
  2. Offer to Make the Cake Yourself If you moonlight as a baker, you could go ahead and whip up some gluten free treats yourself for the party.  You don’t even have to share your secret that it’s gluten free unless they ask!
  3. Bring a Separate Treat for Yourself Don’t put the pressure on to bake for the occasion if you’re worried about time (or how it will taste coming out of the over). Just bring yourself something small and delicious to snack on while everyone else is eating cake!

How do you prepare for office birthday parties?

Share your ideas below:

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