NYC Color Run 2012

On Saturday at 6am, I met up with some friends to participate in the NYC Color Run (which was way out in Brooklyn). We were all wearing our clean white shirts in anticipation of getting very colorful throughout the course. You can see we're all still mid wake up and haven't had our coffee yet!

There were over 10,000 people registered for the color run, and we started in waves of 1,000.  Every 1K there was a color station ready and willing to spray colored powered on the eager runners, and I definitely tried by best to get as colorful as possible.  As you can see below, we all did a pretty great job of reaching that goal.

After the race, a DJ played and we were ready to get the day started.  Just for fun we were able to throw colors into the air to celebrate.  It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the morning:

Here's to the next Color Run: