New test could simplify the diagnosis of Celiac Disease

v9124P06oGVbhdYYA new blood test is being developed by a team of researchers at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Australia to detect Celiac Disease without re-introducing gluten to your diet for more than three days! While the test does still require the reintroduction of gluten, it is much less than the typical weeks or months required to accurately diagnosed through other testing methods.

"Our findings reveal this novel blood test is accurate after only three days of gluten consumption, not the several weeks or months traditionally required to make a diagnosis using intestinal biopsies," Dr Tye-Din said.

According to the release, as many as one in 60 women and one in 80 men in Australia have coeliac disease, but four out of five remain undiagnosed.

In the US the number is closer to 1 in 133 Americans have celiac disease and approximately 83% are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions (NFCA).

Not only will the blood test be able to accurately diagnose Celiac Disease, but according to Dr Bob Anderson, chief scientific officer at ImmusanT, the blood test could also assist in the monitoring of a therapeutic vaccine for coeliac disease. "This is an important step toward a tool that could monitor changes in the small population of circulating T cells responsible for coeliac disease when using treatments intended to restore tolerance to gluten, such as Nexvax2®, the compound currently being developed by ImmusanT," Dr Anderson said.

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