Is Your Low Sex Drive A Hint That You Need to Improve Your Gut Health?

Do you ever just not have that desire to strip down and get in between the sheets. (whoa TMI?) In today's post we will uncover the root cause of your low sex drive. Before you blame it on your feelings for your partner, understand that attraction is only a part of the equation when it comes to arousal. Keep reading to find out the common causes of low sex drive (and how to boost your libido).

Low Sex Drive

What’s Causing Your Low Sex Drive?

I wish there was a simple solution. But if you want to add more passion back into your relationship, then you may need to do some work to ignite that spark in the bedroom again.

Common Underlying Causes for a Low Sex Drive:

  • Medical problems like thyroid imbalance or digestive issues
  • Food addictions like caffeine or sugar
  • Mental health problems such as anxiety or depression
  • Environmental stress caused by finances or work
  • Lacking body confidence and having poor body image or low self-esteem
  • History of physical or sexual abuse
  • Previous negative sexual experiences

It's easy to see from this list that libido is affected by much more than just the attraction you feel for your partner. Are multiple areas of this list interfering with your happiness? Then do the work, and tackle each one.

How To Be More Passionate

Every relationship is unique. There's no 'X times a week' rule that fits all couples. Stop putting the pressure on yourself or your partner to perform on demand. Instead, what would happen if you created a more passion-fueled relationship?

Chances are the things that excited you most about your relationship at the beginning have now changed. Rediscover what you love most about your partner.

Is it that smile you catch when he makes a joke?

Maybe it's the little practical jokes that you play on each other just to keep both of you on your toes.

Or hey - what about that Mr. Clean commercial from the Super Bowl? Maybe seeing your partner mop the floors or do the dishes is your thing.

Living more passionately is about creating more of that magic.

What You Can Do If Your Gut Health is Causing Your Low Sex Drive

You might blame it on energy or stress in your life, but does your lack of libido stem from your gut health? Try these ideas:

Eat More Aphrodisiacs

A quick fix are foods that can help with your low sex drive. These are called aphrodisiacs. I've put together a free checklist of 11 aphrodisiacs foods to help boost your libido. Click the button below to download it.

aphrodisiacs foods boost sex drive

Ditch the Sugar

Sugar can interfere with the production of testosterone, our sex hormone, in both men and women. An imbalance in testosterone can lower your desire. It also changes your body muscle mass affecting your appearance.

Rebuild Your Gut Health

About 80-90% of your serotonin is produced in your gut. This controls your emotions and enhances your mood. Serotonin also controls the blood flow in our bodies. To stimulate your sex drive, serotonin sends extra blood flow to our lady parts (or not).

When there is an imbalance of bacteria in your gut it can also affect the production of testosterone. Making changes to your diet like eating more fermented foods, drinking kombucha, and taking a daily probiotic can start to grow the good bacteria in your gut.

The real change happens when you flush out the bad bacteria in your gut and refill it with good bacteria through a cleanse or a restorative program.

I'm curious, have you tried changing your diet to increase your passion in the bedroom?

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