Last Weekend's Charlotte Gluten Free and Allergy Free Wellness Event & Good Gluten Free Food

Last weekend was the Charlotte Gluten Free and Allergy Free Wellness Event put on by the amazing Nikki Everett.  After speaking at Nikki's event in Boca Raton in February, I got to come back and share essential oils for natural digestive wellness in Charlotte.  As an early bird, I got to open the show! jenna drew gluten free speaker

For anyone that came still half-asleep, we sampled Peppermint essential oil which woke everyone up! Meghan captured this shot (and silly face) during my presentation - check out her post on the event here.

gluten free jenna

One of my favorite things about speaking with others that have to be on the gluten free diet is sharing the fact that however you're feeling today - whether it's still constantly fatigued, dealing with migraines, suffering from belly bloat or even skin issues - it doesn't have to be that way. AND - you don't need to rely on prescription meds to make changes. CPTG essential oils are nature's medicine and let you become a healer in your own home.

Interested in essential oils, let's get a complimentary wellness consultation scheduled to see what oils YOU need.  Plus, I’ll even share with you how to get in on wholesale pricing!

Not only did I get to educate others about essential oils, but I also got to see friends old and new.  Nikki looked great as usual even with the craziness of running a show as big as this one!

nikki everett

I finally got to meet Pam from in person after what seems like AGES chatting on social media.

I Am Celiac Pam

I rode over from the airport with DeeDee who was sharing new products from EnjoyLife.  On the shuttle provided by our hotel, 3 out of 4 of us had to be gluten free - and we didn't even plan the ride together!deedee enjoylife foods gluten free

Also, not pictured here (because we forgot a photo!) was Jen from GFGourmet and her delicious grain-free goodies!

Last but not least, I had the two best helpers with me - my mom and dad drove from Pittsburgh to share their support.

no gluten here


The GFAF Wellness Expo was a huge success, and we got to dine on some delicious gluten free foods in Charlotte. Using the Gluten Free Registry, I was able to find BrickTop's restaurant.  They had a big gluten free menu and a very knowledgeable staff. In fact, our dinner was so yummy, we ate dinner there two nights in a row!  Thanks to our amazing servers and the manager Derrick for their care when serving us gluten free dinners (and dessert)!  Here's a little food porn for you:

gluten free fish tacos

gluten free prime rib

gluten free bbq ribs

gluten free wedge salad

gluten free hot fudge sundae

Since my parents drove, they also packed their electric skillet which is a total lifesaver when traveling! You can find them on Amazon similar to the one we got from Presto.

photo 1

Do you travel with an electric skillet or any of your other never-leave-home-without-it appliances?