Introducing the Gluten Free Meal Plan

It's been a busy year meeting many wonderful people within the gluten free community! Throughout my travels and connections, the story of personal struggle after a gluten free diagnosis was one of the most common links between the people that I met.  I remember when I was first introduced to Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet, I thought - once you remove gluten from your diet, what else is there left to eat!  It turns out that I wasn't alone.  Many of you also experienced the same frightening thought.

That's When My 'Idea' Engine Kicked into High Gear

After hearing all of these similar diagnosis stories and struggles to adapt to a gluten free diet based on the tough learning curve, my big idea engine got to work.  How could I help others struggling with the gluten free diet on a larger scale than one-on-one coaching, ecoaching and hosting awareness events?  Where would make the biggest impact?  How can I make this so affordable anyone with Celiac Disease can be a part of this program?

Meet the Gluten Free Meal Plan


Gluten Free Meal Plan provides simple meal plans that outline every meal of the week. We provide shopping lists to help you make sure you have all the food you need when you go to make it. We offer tips and tricks to eating gluten free, shopping, and just managing your eating life. When you subscribe to Gluten Free Meal Plan, we make it easy to eat gluten free. All this for only $9.99 a month! That's an entire month of meal plans, recipes and grocery shopping lists for only $9.99!  The only thing not included is me actually going to the grocery store and shopping for you - which if you live in New York City or Northern New Jersey, I could probably work out the details with you to make that happen, too!

How Do I Join?

To subscribe to the Gluten Free Meal Plan, simply visit click here.

Can I Get Involved?

Yes! We're constantly looking for others to help us spread the word about the Gluten Free Meal Plan.  The Gluten Free Meal Plan affiliate program offers 75% of the total sale in commission back to you. Our affiliate program is hosted by Clickbank, the largest digital product delivery service.  We have banners, email and text links for you to pull from and use in your marketing. If interested in joining the Gluten Free Meal Plan affiliate program you can sign up here -

Ok, I want all the details...

Since this is the first gluten free meal plan subscription service available, there's bound to be questions.  I've tried to take as much guess work out of it as possible.  I recommend taking a look at our Following Gluten Free Meal Plan page which explains our general philosophy as well as the best way to use the Gluten Free Meal Plan. You can also check out the FAQ for answers to common questions.

I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below! What do you think about the Gluten Free Meal Plan?