How to make 2016 New Year's Resolutions you can keep

Today, I want to share with you a few secrets to setting New Year's resolutions that you can actually keep. It happens every year. You set sky high resolutions to get out of debt, lose weight or be more productive at work.

By the end of January, you're back to your normal habits, and your resolutions are gone until next year.

The problem isn't that you can't commit to a goal and keep it.

No, the problem is that you might have been making the wrong resolutions every year.

How to Make Resolutions You Can Keep - Jenna Drew

Let me explain.

Our minds and our bodies have a funny way of interacting. When you tell yourself that you can't do sometime (i.e. eat sweets), you start crave them - maybe even more so then ever before.

Here's some of the most common health resolutions, and how to make them - and finally keep them in 2016.


Your Goal: I'm going to lose 20 pounds.

This one is hard to keep because what does 20 pounds actually mean? Weight is a number and muscle is denser than fat, so as you get stronger you might lose less weight than you desire.

Think in terms of something visible. Instead try this...

I will be a size 6 by June 2016 and a size 4 by December 2016.

With this resolution, you can visualize yourself in a smaller size, buying a smaller size and wearing that smaller size versus seeing a smaller number on the scale.

Your Goal: I'm going to stop eating sugar.

Ok, sugar itself is in everything. Even health foods have sugars like your favorite fruit. Be more specific here to refined (white) sugars. It can be hard to quit something cold turkey and not go on a binge as little as a day or two later.

To get rid of the urge to binge, try this instead...

I will cleanse my body of the desire for sugars and processed foods through a group program.

Join a group program that is focused on cleansing your system like my 11-Day Clean Eating Cleanse program which cuts out processed sugars, dairy, corn, soy and beans or Diane Sanfilippo's 21-day Sugar Detox.

When you 'quit sugar' with a support group and a structured plan, you'll be more likely to set yourself up for a year of success and healthier eating.

Your Goal: I'm going to the gym every day.

Let's be honest with each other, do you have the time to spend 1 - 2 hours at the gym daily? Doubtful.

Are you already going to the gym at least 3 - 4 times a week? If not, it's hard to jump right into a daily schedule. You can even find yourself feeling burnt out or sore after a few days of intense workouts making it extra hard to get your butt back to the gym.

Commit to small wins until you get into the habit. Try this instead...

I'm going to go to four yoga classes this month.

When you start with classes, you have a set time that you need to be at the gym and there's none of the frustration that goes along with creating your own workout plan. You go to the gym, follow an instructor and feel the burn. Simple as it can get.

What resolution are you making for 2016?