Gluten-Free Picnic with Chapter #130 Indiana PA Celiac Sprue Association Support Group

On Sunday, August 16, I attended a gluten-free picnic hosted by the Indiana, PA Celiac Sprue Association Support Group. Everyone was so kind, and I appreciate the warm welcome my family and I received!

Each guest prepared a dish (or two) to share, and I have to say, it's tough to choose a favorite! We had everything from GF Pasta Salad, GF Stuffed Peppers (grown in a garden), GF Bread by Sisters Three Gluten-Free, a GF and Dairy Free Betty Crocker Cake (Decorated by BiLo), plus many, many more options! Let's just say, we definitely had more than enough to eat!

I'm anxious to try all of the recipes that we exchanged! Especially one for GF Funnel Cake!

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