Gluten Free Jenna is Moving...Again!

Yes, the rumors are true.  I am moving once again this year.  For those of you who may have followed me for a while now, it's ok, I allow you to roll your eyes!

I am a young woman on a mission, and I am open to relocation to follow my dreams and my desires. Even if it means re-packing all of my belongs and driving about 7 hours in a car.

Over the past year, I have moved a total of 5 times:

1. Penn State/ State College, Pennsylvania
2. New York City
3. Indiana, Pennsylvania (My hometown)
4. Butler, Pennsylvania
5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This will make move number 6...drum roll please...A return to the Big Apple, New York City!

From my gluten free blogging endeavors, I know there are a lot of gluten freebies in the Big City, and I would love meet some of you!  If you'd be interested in getting together in New York City or Northern NJ, send me an e-mail at  (Note...I won't officially be moved in until the middle of we may have to wait until October to meet.)

I will be starting my MBA program this fall as well as offering gluten free classes and coaching both online and in-person (more details to come very very soon)!

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