You ate the whole wheel of cheese? My tips for healthier holiday snacking {gluten free}

You did it! You survived Thanksgiving. Take a moment and think about How you are feeling. Are you feeling:

  • Better than ever?
  • A little sluggish?
  • Or bloated and blah like you never want to eat ever again?

We work our tails off to look sexy in our bikinis in the summer then turn around a snack our way to a bigger size in the holiday season.

Think about it last week, what was on your snack menu: salty and sweet or healthy?

Chances are that you subed the healthy for a slice of blueberry pie. It's ok - I did too! Deprivation isn't the key.

The secret to success and avoiding weight gain during the holidays is changing the way you snack and starting your morning with a smoothie to help you feel fuller for longer. Click here to get my favorite smoothie recipes for free.

For years salty chips have been my go-to source for binge snacking because they had the crunch to satisfying my urge to chew.

As a side effect, I would bloat from holding excess fluids.

Now, I've swapped chips for other crusty veggies like radishes, carrots and bell peppers.

I still get the crunch, but I ditch the bloat.


Here's my favorite healthier holiday snacks {that your guests won't even notice are gluten free}:

  1. Guacamole with carrots and radishes.  Add some extra nutrients using lime and cilantro essential oil like I do in my recipe here. There are so many other alternatives on what you can use as your dippers like these options.
  2. Cucumbers as a cracker base. Swap your traditional crackers for cucumbers to keep the crunch but lose the empty calories. Even gluten free crackers hold lots of unwanted calories and fats. They pair nicely with meats and cheeses (and a good glass of wine).
  3. Brie with a pear base. Again were swapping out the cracker for a healthier alternative. Peel a crispy pear and slice in slivers for a yummy and flavorful crunch with your Brie.

Having friends and family over for good food and good wine is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm always looking for new appetizer ideas.

What's your go-to gluten free appetizer as the hostess?