Celebrating When Your Grocery Store Starts Carrying Your Favorite Gluten Free Foods

You may know the feeling.  It’s that joyous feeling when you leisurely stroll down the aisle where your small (often laughably small) selection of gluten free products are shelved, and you notice an extra gluten free product (maybe two or three if you’re lucky) is staring you down unexpectedly. It’s that feeling you had as a kid when you got to pick out a candy bar or snack at the check out counter – only this time it’s over sensible products like bread, pasta, and crackers.  If you’re really lucky, then it might even be some sort of delicious dessert to try!

On Saturday, I got this butterfly feel but not after first a feeling of nervousness. First, my traditional gluten free bread (not the most ideal) option was not on the shelves, so I had to ask an employee of it’s new location.  Dreading the typical response, “we no longer carry that product,” I was surprised by his answer.

He said, “oh yeah, the gluten free products are over in the freezer section like they’ve always been.”

Without a second thought, I ran to the freezer section which previously had only had one product labeled gluten free.

To my amazement, there were 5 new gluten free options – including:

  1. My preferred gluten free bread choice
  2. English muffins
  3. Bagels
  4. Some other tasty treats

I’ve only asked this grocer once about carrying more gluten free options, and once is all it took for him to add a few more to the store.

Do you remember the first time you found a new gluten free product waiting for you on the shelves? What was it, and how did you feel?

Share your answers in the comments below:

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