Finally Fight Back Against Chronic Fatigue…Plus, 5 Free Tickets to the Natural Solutions Health Summit [Details Inside]

An IV bag filled with coffee, energy drinks, caffeine pills…you name, I’ve tried it to get rid of the constant fatigue that comes with Celiac Disease and Anemia. While I might argue that ‘Celiac Tired’, as my friend Gluten Dude calls it, is the worst case of chronic fatigue a lot of other conditions like depression, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism and more also can cause severe fatigue.

For years, I just lived with being tired from the moment I woke up until I finally could get in bed.  But the biggest problem was that once I was in bed, my body was so overloaded with caffeine that I couldn’t sleep!

I knew something had to change.  I started using essential oils for celiac disease side effects like fatigue and bloating, then complimented them with a monthly cleanse and probiotic supplement.

It took some time, but I’m finally on a normal sleep schedule – and I’ve pretty much given up coffee, except for the occasional Saturday morning treat on the back patio.

By the way, there’s an awesome online event happening this month called the Natural Solutions Health Summit, and they even have a class on getting more sleep!

Holistic Health Coach, Dawna Toews, will teach the Sound Asleep workshop, and she’ll cover insomnia and less serious sleep issues can wreak havoc on your body, your mind, and your life! She’s going to explore the different reasons your sleep can be interrupted and help you discover natural solutions to give your mind and body the tools it needs to help you find a restful sleep.

Her son has an autoimmune disease, too and she’s used the same methods that she’s going to teach in the class to help him sleep through the night.

Not concerned about sleep? There are 30 different classes included in the Health Summit taught by doctors, health coaches, therapists, and other specialists.

Can’t take off work to attend? Don’t worry! All of the classes are online and can be watched from the comfort of your home.  Plus, if you can’t make the class ‘live’ then just register for the replay.

The Health Summit is typically $199, but I have a few free tickets to attend.  While I wish I could give this free code to all of my readers, I only have a limited number of free tickets to share and I need to keep track of how many that I give out.  If you’re interested in attending for free, email me to request the promo code.

After you get the free promo code, there are 7 simple steps to register for the Natural Solutions Health Summit:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "register now" (use promo code to register - email me to request the promo code)
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Go to your email, open the message from me with the subject line Natural Solutions Health Summit.
  5. Read email, find password, and click link.
  6. Register for each individual class you would like to attend "live" AND each class you will want access to for 2 weeks following the Summit.
  7. Attend the class and enjoy!