Cleansing the Gut: 3 little-known benefits of seasonal cleansing for your gut

CleansingtheGut-benefits Gut cleansing uses whole food and an elimination diet to get rid of toxins inside the GI tract where 'gut bugs' can live for years causing you pain, discomfort and inflammation like a bloated belly. Gut cleansing can help improve overall health and wellness of the body, and may even reduce cancer risks.

There are several advantages of gut cleansing; following are three lesser known benefits:

1. Boosts Fertility Gut cleansing, as well as fiber consumption and healthy choices of food, helps control body weight. If too much fat, which is estrogen-based, is present in the body, getting pregnant becomes difficult. Gut with too much fat accumulation can weigh the uterus down and other organs around it, causing enormous strain. Gut cleansing eliminates toxins and chemicals that affect sperm and egg. If you're having trouble conceiving, some advise both partners to undergo bowel cleansing before attempting pregnancy.

2. Reduces Colon Cancer Risk The liver and the gastrointestinal system process every toxins you eat or drink, breathe, or absorb through the skin. If the toxins are not expelled from the liver and colon fast, they can cause unimaginable problems to the body. Ridding the body of stagnant wastes reduces cysts, polyps and any cancerous growth in the gastrointestinal tract and colon.

3. Increases Energy Expelling toxins from your body makes you feel more alive because energy usually utilized for waste removal from the gut are transferred to other vital parts of the body. People who have encountered gut detoxification claim they enjoy improved blood circulation, deeper sleep, and energy boost.

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