Barnana Gluten Free Banana Bites

As a frequent traveller that spends many hours at airports and in my car, I'm always on the hunt for delicious on-the-go snacks that are healthy. Typically I pack a snack bar (either a Gluten Free Bar or Kindbar) and a piece of fruit like a banana or apple. I've found that I have a hard time eating unripe bananas (probably has something to do with my lovely digestive tract and Celiac Disease) and typically carry bananas that are pretty much all brown. For my fellow banana-eaters, you know that these brown bananas can get really messy if smushed the wrong way. I've had my fair share of "I'm sorry my banana messed up my paperwork" type moments that left documents, photos and other things pretty yucky in my purse.

Last week I found out about a new gluten free snack called Barnana. I also kind of learned that I might have been living under a rock by not knowing about them sooner thanks to some of my fellow healthy, gluten freebies on twitter (Thanks John)!

Regardless, I now have a new favorite alternative to carrying mushy bananas in my purse...


Meet Barnana:

barnana original bites

Barnana Original is gluten free, non-GMO, raw and vegan!

Now meet Chocolate Barnana:

barnana chocolate bites

Barnana Chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan, too!

I absolutely loved these snacks.  Because I'm a chocolate fanatic, the Chocolate Barnana Bites were my favorite, but I still enjoyed the Original Barnana Bites.  Here's what a I thought:


  • Delicious alternative to protein bars or unhealthy options like chips or candy
  • Easy to carry and resealable pouch design
  • Choose between original or chocolate


  • I'm not sure how long the snacks would last once opened - this wasn't an issue for me though because I finished the package in two days!
  • If you're not a fan of banana's then this snack might not be for you...

If you'd like to try Barnana, you can find them on Amazon, the Barnana website and at your local Whole Foods.

*I was provided with the above product for review. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

If you've tried Barnana, did you enjoy the bites? Tell us about it below!