Are your pets making you sick?

Label reading has become a significant 'hobby' of mine. gluten free cat food

I read labels for the food I eat, the products I use on my skin and the food I feed my cats.

Yes, I am nearly in danger of becoming a cat lady.  I have two cats, Chase and Mittens.   Chase has been in my life for the past five years, and Mittens came into my life last year.

Mittens has her own special dietary needs due to past medical problems with kidney stones, and Chase will eat everything in sight (including spinach and watermelon).

After I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and removed gluten from my diet, my skin was still breaking out as a symptom of being exposed to gluten.  Finally, I discovered that I was being 'glutened' from my cat.   The brand of dry food he grew up on was full of gluten.

gluten free cat food

He is a very loving animal, and as you can see from the photo, Chase has no concept of personal space.   When he would eat, crumbs (aka gluten) would stick to his fur, then he would come over to me where I would hold him or play with him.

That is when I switched his food to a gluten free cat food brand.  It took some time and money  to find a food that he liked, but finally we settled on a chicken recipe blend from Purina ONE Beyond.If you were recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it's very important that you also switch your pets to a gluten free diet.  Yes, gluten free pet food can be more expensive.  However, it will be worth it to know that you are safe playing with your best friend and in no danger of being 'glutened.'

Do you have any pets? If so, tell us your favorite brand of gluten free pet food in the comments below!