A Night in Paris - Paris 66

Last night, we dined at La Paris 66 in Shadyside. I’ve been wanted to go there for a while now to try their gluten-free options! When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly “bon soiree” by the owner and led to a quaint table on the back patio under the festive lights. The mood wasn’t stuffy or pretentious at all – simply a relaxed South of France atmosphere. The restaurant was BYOB, so we brought our own bottle of red, Spanish Tempranillo/Shiraz mix (yes, I know what you're thinking...Spanish wine to a French restaurant). After it was corked, we made our first ‘chin chin’ to travelling to France in one year’s time.

Our first course was a shared La Paris 66 galatte, made from buckwheat and filled to the brim with ham, cheese and a sunny-side-up egg with mushrooms, tomatoes and salad on the side. It was absolutely delicious and reminded me of the months I spent in France.

My next course was the evening’s special, roasted lamb with potatoes and bacon-wrapped green beans (he had me at bacon). Now, before I ordered, I told the waiter of my gluten intolerance and he went to speak with the French chef. When the waiter returned, he said the potatoes on the side were not gluten-free, but the chef would be happy to prepare something else that would be gluten-free. The chef specially made me a second side of pablano peppers stuffed with a rice and rosemary blend which was more amazing than the original side. I had forgotten the aromatic and complexity of French meals!

We finished the meal with a shared a chocolate mousse made with 65% Belgian chocolate. I felt as though with each bite, I was dipping my spoon into the most delicious dark chocolate bar I had ever tasted.

Thank you Paris 66 for the fabulous tastes of France right here in Pittsburgh, PA.

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