5 Gluten Free Snacks Worth Trying

5-Gluten-Free-Snacks I hate to admit how much I enjoy snacking.  When I'm working, reading, watching a movie, etc, I love having something to snack on whether it's a healthy treat like carrots and hummus or a not-so-nutritious bowl of popcorn.  With so many delicious snacks hiding gluten in their ingredients, it can be hard to find a delicious gluten free snack.  Here are seven snacks that are not only yummy, but they are safe for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Kitchen Table Bakers Aged Parmesan Crisps


These cheese crisps from Kitchen Table Bakers are made entirely of cheese - and who doesn't love cheese! These crisps are wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and transfat-free.  While the Aged Parmesan and Chia Seed flavors are my favorite, they have over 10 tasty flavors like Rosemary, Jalapeño and Everything crisps.

Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps


Ever miss that graham cracker taste? Crunchmaster's Grammy Crisps are bite-sized cinnamon and sugar snacks will be the answer to your prayers.  These crisps are 100% whole grain, gluten-free, peanut-free and only have 2g of fat per serving!

Tiger Nuts Supreme Peeled


While the name may make you laugh, these Tiger Nuts are pretty delicious!  This healthy snack is gluten-free , high in fiber and low in fat.  Not only are these nuts safe for celiacs, but they are also vegan and great for those with diabetes.

Schar Cheese Bites


Don't judge me by my love for all things cheesy, but the Cheese Bites by Schar are one my guilty pleasures.  The Cheese Bites are baked, so they don't leave your hands a greasy mess. These bite-sized cheesy snacks are gluten-free, wheat-free and contain no preservatives!



Salty chips used to be my go-to-snack until I experienced PopCorners Kettle. These salty AND sweet popped chips are made with real corn and gluten-free.  I buy them in bulk on Amazon, so I don't run out!

Do you have a favorite gluten free snack? Tell us about in the comments below!

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