3 Secrets to Surviving A Seasonal Cleanse

We all have heard the horror stories about cleansing. Just a few years ago, I decided to quit believing all of those negative stories I heard about detox and cleansing and find a right way to do it to flush my system. My life has totally changed since. And maybe you’ve even tried a cleanse or detox program but maybe it was based on supplements or pills or powders and not one with the freedom to eat real foods whenever you're hungry.  So it left you feeling exhausted and ready to dive right back into the unhealthy snacks, sugary foods and bloated belly because the cleanse didn't help you change your cravings. I get where you’re coming from, that feeling of food regret every time you look in the mirror. It can be daunting to keep up a busy lifestyle as a professional, mom and/or entrepreneur all while cooking healthy meals for you and your family daily. But cleansing is still a valuable tool for you to discover what foods make you thrive and which ones make you feel tired or sluggish or bloated. That’s why my mission for you in this post is to help you understand what a seasonal cleanse can do for you and your body and how easy it can be to fit into your current hectic lifestyle.


First, I want to tell you about the free download I have for you. I’ve discovered that most of my clients who have the worst time adjusting to a cleanse program never took the time to give their system a way to prepare for the program.


In this free guide, I provide four of my favorite smoothie recipes to get your body ready to cleanse without feeling all the withdraw symptoms from caffeine, sugar and other processed foods like you would if you skipped the prep phase. Download this guide for free and use these recipes as a start point on your journey into cleansing and detox. To begin with, let’s talk about why the body needs to cleanse, starting with…

The Power of a Cleanse

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing defines detoxing as “clearing out toxins and debris in your body that may be stopping you from having vitality.” But what you might be thinking I don't live in a toxic environment or put stress on my body.  Really think about it:

  • How often are you on the computer or smartphone?
  • Do you live in a big city?
  • Are you always surrounded by stimulation?
  • Do you eat processed foods?
  • What kind of cleaning products and laundry soaps are you using?
  • Do you wear synthetic perfumes?
  • How much car traffic is around you?
  • Do you ever feel stressed out?

These are the daily things that your body has been dealing with for the last 25, 45 or more years that create a build up of toxins within your body.

How do I know if I need a Cleanse?

There's many reasons to start a cleansing program. Some people just get to a point where their are constantly feeling bloated or they spent the season binging on sweets, processed foods or alcohol and are ready to hit the reset button on their bodies. If you're feeling like this now, don't forget my free guide with 3 smoothies to prep your body for a cleanse. And others have more serious underlying issues like:

  • Low back pain
  • Fatigue
  • The afternoon 2-4pm crash
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Poor circulation
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Low sex drive
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sleep problems – especially if you wake at 3am

So What Does a Cleanse Do?

A cleanse is very personal and each participant goes through a different experience. The key is to set an intention at the beginning of the program based on your true desired outcomes. Here are things that your body experiences when you go through a seasonal cleanse:

  • Eliminate foods that wreak havoc on your body and leave you feeling bloated and blah
  • Learn which foods fuel you and give you energy, and ditch the ones that leave you feeling foggy and sluggish
  • Improve your digestion and start experiencing regular bowel movements
  • Boost your nutrient absorption and finally start getting the nourishment you need
  • Ditch the sugary and salty cravings
  • Get rid of those dark circles under your eyes
  • Discover the tools you need to de-stress in today’s overly-connected world
  • Jumpstart your immune system and metabolism with superfoods

3 Secrets to Surviving a Seasonal Cleanse

1. Dig Deep

A cleanse without an intention is like going vegan without a reason. It changes your routine but might not be serving a real purpose. This lets you easily slip back into your regular eating habits even if they are unhealthy. Yes, a cleanse is not just physical, but emotional because your a person with real feelings. Set both an intention for your body (lose weight, sleep better, have more energy) and for your mindset (release stress, focus on positivity, give forgiveness).  This is what allows you to commit to a cleanse...and with commitment comes results.

2. Prep for the Program

Would you go run a 5K or a Marathon without preparing? When you start a cleanse without a prep phase, that's the same shock you're giving your body. If you skip this phase, you're almost guaranteeing yourself a few rough days of withdraw symptoms as your body detoxes from sugars, alcohols, caffeine and other processed foods in your system. Starting a few days early with something as simple as a smoothie can change the course of your cleanse.  Download my free guide to three must-drink smoothies to prep your body for a cleanse. 

3. Have a Partner or Join a Community

When do have a big goal or are making a big change, share it with those who will be supportive. Cleansing with a support group and a structured plan sets you up for a year of success and healthier eating. There will be times when you work late or have been running the kids around all day, and you get home and you just want to dive into that bag of salty chips because they are right there staring you down and begging to be snacked on.  A support team helps you stay accountable and can be your cheerleader in those moments you need it most.


Get Your Free Smoothie Recipes

Now I would love to hear from you! What’s worked for you to stay motivated when doing a cleanse? Please post in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to download this free guide that I’m offering. These smoothies will bring deliciousness into your kitchen and make your first (or 50th) cleanse easier for you.

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